Facial brightening masque

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Rejuvenating & soothing.

A tighter, softer nourished skin with this nurturing yet simple weekly ritual

A nurturing facial masque to help rejuvenate, deeply cleanse and detoxify the skin.

The ritual- place a teaspoon in a small dish and mix with water or hydrosol (pure rose water, lavender water, etc.) and apply to the face. Wait 15 minutes with your feet up & a nice cup of healing herbal tea & then wash off when dry. Follow with your moisturizing ritual and make your list of what you are grateful for today.

Properties of ingredients:

Skin rejuvenation (anti-oxidant)- Kakadu plum, Quandong plum

Mineral rejuvenation (silica & magnesium)- ghassoul clay

Detoxifying- zeolite

Deep cleansing- ghassoul clay, zeolite

Skin softening- ghassoul clay

Hydrating- ghassoul clay

Skin firming- ghassoul clay, davidson’s plum powder

Soothing- ghassoul clay, lavender essential oil

Ingredients: kakadu plum powder, zeolite clay, ghassoul clay, lavender essential oil, davidson's plum powder


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