Belly butter

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This extra-intense moisturizer is great for moisturizing your beautifully growing belly, keeping the skin well hydrated and preventing stretch marks and other skin discomforts common in pregnancy. All ingredients are completely organic (except for the Australian lavender oil) and as well as using for your belly, you can also use it on any dry or damaged skin such as hands, feet & elbows .


The ritual- allow a small amount of butter to melt in your fingers and massage into your belly It is a great ritual to do once or twice a day to bond with your baby. While massaging the butter in, chat to your baby and welcome him/her into your family, let him/her know all the good things that are waiting for him/her. Relax and repeat the affimation ‘I adore my changing body’


Properties of ingredients:


Moisturizing- organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, organic macadamia oil, organic argan oil


Protective- organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter


Healing- organic shea butter, organic infused calendula oil, natural vitamin E, lavender essential oil


Ingredients: Organic shea butter, organic Australian macadamia oil, organic calendula infused into olive oil, organic argan oil, organic cocoa butter, Australian lavender essential oil