Cedarwood cleansing bar

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Grounding & cleansing

A gentle & mild natural soap for cleansing the body. Scented with grounding cedarwood. 

The ritual: Use soap as needed & repeat the affirmation. Store away from water and let dry between uses. If possible get a soap holder that allows the soap to dry easily. 

Affirmation: My body is strong & healthy

Ingredients & properties: 

Olive oil (extra virgin) - moisturising, mild cleansing

Coconut oil - cleansing, lathering

Castor oil - small lathering bubbles, moisturising, cleansing

bamboo charcoal - detoxifying

alkanet root - colour

fragonia essential oil - balancing

cedarwood (himalayan) essential oil- grounding, 

Ingredients: saponified of olive, coconut*, castor*,  bamboo charcoal, alkanet root,fragonia & Himalayan cedarwood essential oils

90 to 110g