Facial cleansing oil

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Remove the dirt & pollution from your face naturally with oil.

Deeply cleansing & toning.

This is a gentle oil which deeply cleanses your facial skin and leaves it glowing, moisturized & nourished but removes dirt, makeup and impurities. This oil is suitable for all skins, including oily and acne prone skin and is suitable for removing eye makeup as well as facial makeup or just everyday dirt and pollution. The herbal infused oils have deep cleansing, anti-inflammatory and firming properties.

The ritual- pump a small amount (10 cent coin size) of oil into your palm, warm it & massage it in upward circles into your face. Rinse a clean face cloth in warm to hot water and drape over your face for a minute & gently wipe oil away. Finish with 1 or 2 drops of a facial or eye oil if necessary. Make your intention to nurture yourself in some way during the day or the next day.

Properties of ingredients:

Cleansing & deeply drawing- organic castor oil, organic witch hazel infused oil

Antibacterial- organic castor oil

Soothing- organic Australian macadamia oil

Healing - organic Australian macadamia oil

Moisturizing- organic Australian macadamia oil

Protective- organic Australian macadamia oil, organic castor oil

Anti-inflammatory- organic castor oil, organic horsetail infused oil

Toning- organic horsetail infused oil

Ingredients: Organic Australian macadamia oil, Organic castor, organic horsetail and witch hazel infused into jojoba oil