Renewing facial serum

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Nurturing & enriching

A hydrating and moisturising blend of nourishing oils to protect & beautify your facial skin. The unrefined cold pressed oils contain valuable vitamins & minerals needed to help protect and regenerate your facial skin.

The ritual- wash your face and leave it wet, or splash on some water or hydrosol (such as pure rose water) or natural facial toner after using the facial cleansing oil. Take 1 small pump of oil and massage into your face in circles in an upwards motion.

Ingredients & properties:

Hydrating- organic macadamia oil, organic argan oil, rosehip oil

Nourishing (high in vitamins & minerals)- organic macadamia oil, carrot infused oil, organic argan oil, rosehip oil

High in Vitamin E- rosehip oil

Protection against premature ageing and skin damage (high in vitamin A- beta carotene, which is an antioxidant)- carrot infused oil, rosehip oil

Improves skin tone & texture (vitamin A)- rosehip oil, carrot infused oil

Contains squalene which helps skin regeneration- macadamia nut oil

High in fatty acids (GLA’s) which help skin repair & regeneration- organic evening primrose oil, borage oil, rosehip oil, macadamia oil

High in antioxidants (vitamin C)- rosehip oil

Ingredients: organic macadamia oil, rosehip oil, organic argan oil, carrot infused oil evening primrose oil, borage oil